Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Starting off on a new thump!

Dear Self

Congratulations !! Its been 2 months & a few days that you welcomed the new family member into your home. The hubby's time is now divided & the arguments over who is going to take her out first becoming more frequent. The maintenance bill to protect her from the strangers on the road is never-ending & she constantly needs attention or else she gets a cough!

We've even had to change our wardrobes to make sure she doesn't fall in case our formerly baggy clothes get stuck in her feet. Her doctor only works with appointments & always feels she needs some more vaccinations. We're both getting used to her being around & all the attention she commands!

But we love her mellow recitation when we take her out & we adore the way she sparkles. We can never walk away without giving her one last look & yearn to take her out at the slightest instance. We are proud of her grit & strength & have no qualms about showing her off by encouraging her to sing louder.We might fight over her, but she just ends up bringing us closer to one another, since she's the only one (till now).We adore the way she stands taller than other kids her age & the way she leans on the left when in contemplation on where to go next.

She's unpredictable, she's fat, she's beautiful & she's fair. She's taking us places & she's giving us new friends & a new way to live!!

P.S : 'She' is our new (& always wanted) bike, a Royal Enfield ! :) :)

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